Become Rotten

What if we could provide a medium for digital data to become rotten? Could our interactions influence this degradation? Would our social relationships built upon internet connections become more organic?

Because of COVID-19 virtuality became our main channel of communication.

Inspired by life-cycles in nature, I was studying feedback systems in the Recurse Center and I came up with the idea of providing digital data a medium to become rotten by exploring/implementing feedback systems.

Stage 0 : Continous Glitch

Developed a proof of concept of a multi-feedback system with automated workers, which I called glitchers. They are synchronically applying glitches algorithms to an image.

Create an internal feedback loop between p5 canvas and my html image element. Add TCP protocol to explore socket connections and reated external loop.

Thanks to George Mandis and Salmān Aljammāz for helping me out.

Stage 1 : Exploring continous glitch with shaders and diffusion algorithms

Developed interactive scene in Three.js add shader filter to apply algorithm of diffusion, and colors controls.

Stage 2 : Computing life forms

After reading Turing's paper on The chemical basis of Morphogenesis, decided to implement Gray Scott model to dive into patterns.

Developed interactive playground

Implemented J.Conways' game of life, discrete version.

Implemented smooth version after reading this paper

Interactive Gallery DEMO

You can see some computable art of my daily life as an Argentinian lockdown in NYC in this virtual gallery.

Here you can explore a full-screen experience.

Music is created by amazing Andrew Yoon

One of the videos was of this demo was compressed and selected at Small Media Festival

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