sol sarratea

freelance developer and computational artist.

Currently back from Visualia. Coding lots of shaders, developing projects with WebGL, and computing light.

This year I've been teaching courses to unveiled what Digital Alchemy is,and to spread the love for shaders in Spanish

You can check some of the tools I built, and projects I've worked on in my garden ⁕ ❀ ↓

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Become Rotten
Artistic project developed in COVID-19 times
Introducing convivialiy
notes on Ivan Illich work
Introducing Digital Alchemy
Bits Matter
Introducing Fractals
computing the Mandelbrot Set with shaders
Ray Marching
notes for introducing technique

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Insights on Digital Alchemy
Bits Matter
Computing a feedback system
With webcam capture, Three.js and WebGL
Camera Filters
webcam shader filters
Solfa Algorithm
Encode text in music
The Unseen
data representation

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