The Unseen

Proof of concept that uses steganography to encode a raymarched fragment shader into a digitized burnt photo. Showing how a complex structure may remain unseen if we don’t decode it. And exposing how important it is to question data representation, how it is encoded and decoded.

The prototype is: Encoding in the least significant bits the raymarched shader Decoding the shader created with raymarching, which is a technique for generating 3D scenes. I am using a ‘minimalist’ approach using bitwise operations. Allowing to turn on the flow, and show how bits travel through the shading-neurons. Buttons: hide: simple texture shown ( digitized analog photo ) decode: apply decode algorithm to show raymarched shader ( chose simulating neurons) flow: reveal how bits travel through the shading-neurons.

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For the whole written code. Check shadertoy

For future work I would like to explore other algorithms for encoding data, and play around with boundaries of creation.


use bitwise operators to generate iterative textures such as fr

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